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About GSSU

Global Schools for Starseed and Urantian Children and Teens (GSSU) is a unique and holistically minded educational center geared toward the personal development of students on an individualized basis. Our schools have incorporated the idea of a threefold relationship to learning in thinking, feeling, and doing. We combine extensive academic studies with broad ranges of material and encourage independent studying on personal interests. From the studious scientific world of thought and hands on work in our on-campus gardens, to full immersion in the arts and much more, we cover as much ground as we can to assist our students in discovering their personal strengths and ambitions for the future. The centralized and idealistic standpoint of GSSU is to provide an education that supports and upholds the development of a well-rounded and quality human being, while also working tirelessly to lure forth the mature and responsible nature of a hard-working citizen of the future. Students of GSSU graduate valuing the growth opportunities afforded by rising to meet new challenges and persevering to meet long-term goals, not only personally, but also morally, ethically, socially, and spiritually.

Aerial photo of region containing GSSU.