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Our Campus

Outdoor Rural Environment

GSSU is situated in a miraculous desert valley region in southern Arizona surrounded by several mountain ranges. It is also south of Tucson and very near the Tumac√°cori Mission that honors the works and life of Father Kino. The campus of GSSU definitely feels like a sacred place and a very special place of learning for our children and teens.

Garden Setting

With Avalon EcoVillage included in our outdoor environment, students are blessed to experience the reality of an unfolding garden where they learn aspects of what makes it so special. Not only do the lush expanding gardens focus on growing foods that sustain us, but throughout the setting of the campus, there are many flower gardens and other elements that sustain the EcoVillage that is also connected to GSSU. Students learn a lot about permaculture and sustainability with the many gray water recycling systems; rain catchment tanks; 3-acre food forest; solar power; wind power; compost and recycling programs; a solar oven; an onsite Equine Therapy program; an amphitheater; free-range chickens for eggs; grass-fed beef, a building warmed by a greenhouse garden in the foyer, and the many large greenhouses, which are so crucial to the beginnings of the plant life at Avalon EcoVillage.

Aerial photo of region containing GSSU.